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How the Sky Blesses Us

Since the dawn of civilization humans have naturally turned to the illuminated sky for direction. In our current time Astrology continues to be a beacon for seekers. Having our chart read is like taking a deep look into our cosmic mirror. As a professional Astrologer I can attest to the incredible relevance it holds for people. When my clients leave their readings there is such clarity, confirmation and confidence in their eyes. It is truly divine and such an honour to witness. The reasons for Astrology’s positive effects are many; lets explore what I feel are the most significant and why Astrology is one of the most useful and sacred tools in holistic therapy practices.

Self-awareness / Consciousness.

As we all likely know from people in recovery admitting we have a problem is the first step! The same principle goes for acknowledging our gifts. When we approach life with consciousness it reveals the best and most fulfilling path forward. When we hear about and contemplate our essential selves it fills us up with vitality. We also make better and more sustainable decisions, which shapes our future. We nurture and care for ourselves more effectively. This all feeds our wholeness so that we have a greater chance for happiness.

Laser-focused counseling.

This may sound too good to be true yet by working with the chart we can assess and uncover emotional blocks, relationship patterns and subconscious traumas. Sometimes this awareness can take months of counseling or meditation to unearth. Although I fully support the mainstream counseling and meditation process, and the therapeutic need to go at a safe, integrative pace, as an adjunct Astrology can help direct the process. This is especially needed during crises and when we are at the end of our rope with feelings of being blocked, stuck and confused.

Relationship support.

This has always been one of my most prized uses of Astrology. Not only does Astrology help us gain perspective on how we interact in relationships, but it can also illuminate the ‘other’. This works for all relationships including parent and child, co-workers and especially for lovers and spouses. The chart helps bring clarity on how the other person communicates, how they show love, what they value and what nurtures them. Some or all might be very different from our ways! Having this clarity helps us in not taking these differences personally.

Understanding our soul’s journey.

As an Evolutionary Astrologer focusing on the soul’s journey is the key to making an Astrology reading go from being great to being profound and deeply helpful. These readings go beyond the identity and right to the heart of the soul’s journey and foretell what healing and growth it needs to attain fulfillment.

The magical power of connection and reflection.

This at its essence is quite simple and yet I have discovered in my practice it might be an Astrology reading’s most significant gift. Much like during my career as a body worker I always found that it was the power of human connection that did the most healing. When we sit in counsel with someone and give ourselves the time and space to feel, communicate and reflect on ourselves something magical happens. It can spark a good laugh, a cleansing cry and a deeper sense of connection with ourselves. Our love, appreciation and empathy for self deepen which is incredibly therapeutic. This above all else, is why I am devoted to the art, science and mysticism of Astrology.

If you are ready to dip your toes into the magical realm of Astrology, or if you are ready to dive fully in, come and book a reading or join me for a beginner’s astrology course this spring.

Blessings and Light,

Astrologer Eve

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