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Astrology & Healing


Astrology & Tarot Readings

Birth Chart Reading

2 hours • $138


This birth chart reading is the gem. It includes an in-depth discussion of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. We also look at themes around love, vocation, and well-being.

This reading offers a journey into deeper levels of soul consciousness as we explore the 'chart beneath the chart' and your soul's evolutionary path and purpose.


Your reading also includes an overview of your current and upcoming planetary cycles and themes to further empower you as you move forward in life.

Feel free to bring specific questions to the reading table. 

*If possible please provide an accurate birth time. 


Children's Birth Chart Reading

75 minutes • $95


Children DO come with an instruction manual.. their Astrological Birth Chart! 

Children's Birth Chart Readings offer fascinating insight into a child's authentic nature. This helps parents to support their children in meaningful and creative ways.

A unique and meaningful baby shower, Blessing Way, or birthday gift that will bring parents lifelong understanding while raising their child. Great for newborns or children of all ages. 

30 minutes • $50 /season - $175 per year


Have an astrologer walk alongside you! At the beginning of each season, on the equinoxes and solstices, you will receive a personalized 20-30 minute audio report that outlines the trends of the upcoming season personalized to your natal chart. I touch on the major themes you will be experiencing, offer insights and food for thought while you navigate the “big stuff”. 


These reports include an oracle or tarot card specially chosen for added guidance and insight on your season ahead. Consciousness is everything and with this seasonal overview it is my wish that the wisdom of the stars will empower you and bless your life. 


Cosmic Seasonal Report

Auspicious Date Selection

30 minutes • $60


This astrological technique helps you find the most optimum date and time to harness the cosmic energies to bring success to your endeavor or event!


Helpful for finding the best date for:

Launching a new business, applying for a job position, going on a first date, getting married, listing a house, signing a contract, health appointments and many other possibilities. This service includes a 30 minutes Zoom consultation and a date selection.

Higher Self Tarot Reading

1 hour • $65 / 30 minutes • $45


Tarot is a symbolic map of consciousness that encompasses our journey through life, both spiritually and practically. Tarot is best used as a guide, helping us gain clarity on our inner most desires and to shed light on where we are at in our life, and where we wish to go. Emerge inspired from your tarot reading having had connected with your Higher Self. Enlightening & empowering!


Follow Up Reading

90 minutes • $90


There is always more to say about your chart! Follow up readings are an opportunity to go deeper into conversation about you and your birth chart. We are also able to use the chart to support any decisions you may need to make. Follow up readings are helpful for moving into even greater self-awareness, and for relationship and soul mission inquiries.


We will look at your current and upcoming planetary influences. In the follow up reading we can also use tarot cards to bring even more clarity and insight into your questions and direction. 



Clarity Breathwork

2 hours . $120 or 3 sessions for $290


Clarity Breathwork is a gentle and transformative breathwork practice. One on one sessions are very supportive experiences…much like a personal healing ceremony. By going within the inner temple, physical, emotional, and spiritual clearings that aren’t always available through therapy alone, are possible. 

Sessions begin with a thorough discussion of personal and family patterns, current life situation, and intentions for the session. Next follows the breathwork experience - a simple yet profound breathing pattern will take you into healing realms. I am there to assist you through the layers of limiting beliefs, bliss, unraveling difficult emotions, accessing inner knowing, spiritual connection, stress reduction, and cellular cleansing.  Afterwards, you are welcome to share and integrate your experience and together we go over supportive practices that may help anchor your healing into your daily life. 

Breathwork sessions are offered online and will be offered in person in the not too distant future ♡

Breathwork image.png

Healing & Massage 

Blue Lotus Hypnotherapy

2 Hours . $110

Hypnotherapy and regression therapy supports deep healing and breakthroughs. Using a holistic client-centered modality that works with your body, mind and soul to bring about powerful and effective change.

Your intuition/soul holds the solutions to all of life’s challenges. Journey into  your healing temple and explore your inner knowing. You will remain aware and in-control throughout the entire healing hypnosis experience.

I offer an organic, pure Blue Lotus tincture for in-person clients who wish to experience this gentle mystical third-eye opening plant medicine. Blue Lotus is known to be a gateway to the divine. It helps induce deep meditative state, enhancing third eye awareness and motivates trance-like states. The effects of the Blue Lotus can be euphoric, helping to decompress the nervous system and relax the whole body and mind.

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

60 minutes • $75 /90 minutes $90

Weaving Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Japanese Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki and Energy Healing for a deeply healing treatment.


This massage treatment blends deeper therapeutic massage therapy with advanced relaxation techniques and revitalizing energy healing to give you the best of all worlds.

Choose self care and the joy of relaxation and wellness that massage therapy brings.

Reflexology & Reiki Healing
with Shoulder/Scalp Massage

90 minutes • $80

Transform stress and fatigue into bliss and relaxation. Treat yourself to a therapeutic foot reflexology treatment. Ease tension with an aromatherapy scalp and shoulder acupressure massage. Melt onto a heated massage table in a soothing atmosphere and into Reiki and energy healing.

You can remain fully clothed in a reflexology treatment and yet it treats the entire body! Treatments are given on a heated massage table with dim lighting and inspirational music so you can drift off... Emerge refreshed, deeply relaxed and walking on clouds.

"It was like a free fall into the parasympathetic."

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Circles & Private Sessions

1 hour • Price varies depending on location


Rest, rejuvenate, connect with Self and Source with ease. Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep with trace awareness. Magical.


Yoga Nidra Circles

          & Private Sessions

1 hour - Price varies

Rest, rejuvenate, connect with Self and Source with ease in a supportive environment. Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep with trace awareness. One session is equivalent to four hours of sleep! Magical. 

  • Deep relaxation

  • Spiritual practice

  • Releasing unwanted patterns

  • Manifesting hopes + goals

  • Improving health

  • Reducing stress

  • Higher connection with self

  • Rejuvenate + restoration 




Astrology for Beginners 

Astrology for beginners! Online and in person classes.


Use Astrology as a tool for self-exploration and to improve your understanding of the people in your life! 

What you will learn:

  • In depth examination of the twelve signs

  • Understand the four elements and what it means to be a fire, water, air, or earth person

  • How each planet represents a different aspect of yourself… you are more than your sun sign

  • Explore the twelve houses and what they mean

You will receive handouts and a copy of your birth chart with the course. We will use participant’s charts in class, with plenty of examples to make the information come alive. 

Astrology Apprenticeship

If you feel that now is the time to take your interests in Astrology to a deeper level this may be what you are looking for. This format allows for a personal and potentially professional journey into the vast world of Astrology. We will meet weekly online or in person for 2 months. 


The apprenticeship includes weekly projects, journaling cues, one-on-one guidance and mindfulness exercises. Apprenticeships are offered in little groups “pods” of 2-4 people to encourage a dynamic learning experience that builds connection.  

Reiki Level I

Reiki best translated from Japanese means Universal Life Energy. Following the proven principle that everything in the Universe is made of energy, Reiki directly accesses and channels energy for the purpose of offering healing to the receiver. Reiki helps bring the receiver back into balance, reduces stress, and assists the body’s natural healing process. 

Reiki level one begins the journey of energy healing. This two day course includes a comprehensive introduction to energy healing, the history and practice of Reiki, an attunement, a manual, personal guidance, a full session demonstration, guided practice, and shared treatment. Beyond the Reiki instruction students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into two days of self-reflection, meditation, breath work, and nourishing self-care. 


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