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Astrologer Eve

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Evelyn Mari Crete 

It is my guiding principle to help clients connect to their heart-path by looking deep within themselves with the help of the planets and the archetypal tarot, and somatically into their energy body and emotions through breathwork and bodywork sessions.

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I have been speaking the language of astrology and interpreting the stars since my youth. Thanks to my attentive mom at fifteen I was given my first astrology book and was forever changed. For me life sparkles with brilliance and meaning through the lens of this sacred, vast, and symbolic language.


As a professional Astrologer I bring over 20 years experience and heartfelt counseling skills to my practice. I have studied and practiced humanistic / archetypal/ Jungian astrology and evolutionary astrology on both coasts of North America and internationally. My guiding intention is to help my clients remember their life purpose, and to increase their sense of joy and peace within themselves and in their relationships. I approach my readings with kindness, honesty, humour and compassion. My client feedback consistently involves hearing that their reading was insightful, meaningful and offered confirmation and clarity. I feel truly blessed to share this ancient gift with seekers looking for their best path forward on this sacred journey of life. Part of my life as a reader is through the synchronistic and wonderful world of tarot. Tarot is an amazing guide offering insight and a greater perspective of what lies before us.

 Holistic Therapist

I have trained in, and have experience with several healing modalities including Clarity Breathwork, Swedish massage, Jin Shin Do acupressure, reflexology, LaStone Therapy massage, biodynamic cranial sacral therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, Yoga Nidra and energy work. I am a Reiki master and teacher and I have trained in mind - body counseling, clinical hypnotherapy and regression therapy.  I believe in the body’s ability to heal and restore itself. A key to the healing process is to unwind blockages physically, emotionally, and energetically and my approach to breathwork and bodywork is to support that unwinding process with varied techniques as well as to offer my clients a deeply relaxing session. 

Astrology and Healing


Birth Chart Readings
Follow-Up Readings
Children's Birth Chart Reading
Higher Self Tarot Reading

Holistic Therapies

Clarity Breathwork
Bodywork Therapies
Yoga Nidra Circles 

Reiki Classes

Inner Temple Healing Arts

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