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Venus in Gemini. Many Directions. One Long Road.

Venus… the celestial planet of love is in Gemini for an extended sojourn this late spring until mid summer. The reason for this lengthy visit is due to her retrograde period that runs May 13th - June 25th. More on that in part two: Many Directions. One Long Road. We are freshly in the shadow phase of this retrograde which can be a period of foreshadowing on how things may unfold for the next few months… where we are now… we may come back to.

Venus’ cycle is the most beautiful of all the planets when traced in the sky; she forms a 5-pointed star every 8 years. Quite suiting for the planet that rules art and beauty. In our birth charts Venus is the planet we look at to understand what we love, how we love, and who we love. Also, it reveals what we find beautiful and what we value most in our life.

When Venus transits through the sign of Gemini we have an opportunity to cover a lot of ground. To connect more and more with people we hold affection for. Love will be in the air and in an air sign… meaning many words will be spoken, listen well… we will find love in our conversations, light kisses will be blown in the wind, and given the mutable nature of Gemini, changes of affection are possible. Gather information about your loved ones and hold these fresh discoveries close to your heart. Find a way to not take it all so seriously. Learn about your love language. Read relationship books. Ask your sweetheart something you’ve never asked them before. If you don’t have a sweetie and want one... go ahead and put more feelers out there! Be curious! Gemini doesn’t ask us to go deep within, Gemini asks us to dance from one moment to the next taking in as many experiences as possible… and in turn to share our story.

Venus in Gemini can also speak to a shift in how we experience money… we might need to diversify how we earn money, and discover new ways of valuing what belongs to us.

On another note, I always see the Gemini archetype as the pollinator… for the sake of beauty and love sow seeds, protect bees and butterflies, and feed hummingbirds. In the Gemini spirit of sharing information, please be careful you don’t buy from box stores that sell plants with neonicotinoids, which are considered highly toxic to bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators.

More about the retrograde period and Venus' journey into the underworld coming in part two.


Astrologer. Eve

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