What is Inner Temple Healing Arts?

There are times in our life when we are ready for inner healing, greater awareness and we need to seek answers from fresh sources - from celestial and sacred realms... our inner temple.
We are Earth and we need to belong, hold, and build.
I am here to support you in sensible, nourishing and attainable ways. 
We are Water and we need to flow, cleanse and unite.
I am here to support you in intuitive, reflective and compassionate ways. 
We are Air and we need to breathe, clarify and decide.
I am here to support you in exploratory, informed and illuminating ways 
We are Fire and we need to kiss, dance and inspire.
I am here to support you in energizing, inspiring and caring ways. 
We are Spirit and we need to be still, know and create. 
I am here to be a breathwork guide, a cosmic coach
and a messenger.

When we are at a loss for what to do next astrology, tarot, breathwork, yoga nidra meditations and holistic healing can bring amazing clarity and direction and can leave you feeling relieved from the answers you receive. ♡

Who I am.

I have devoted many years studying, contemplating and counseling people just like you who are searching for answers and who have found clarity with astrology, tarot, breathwork and holistic healing.
It is my calling to share what your birth chart and the Universe have to say about you and your path… to encourage and support you. I am here to be your astrologer, tarot reader, cosmic coach, breathworker, spiritual ally, body and energy worker. I am here to reflect back to you who you are and to hold space as you source your greatest joy and align to what and who makes your heart sing. I believe you already have a sense …………… my methods will help you come into direct contact with this inner knowing.

What I do.

Astrology & Tarot Readings
For over 20 years I’ve been doing heart-centered, intuitive and professional astrology and tarot readings. I don’t do predictions - we are free to create our future but the Universe has a way of bringing meaningful insight into what part of the cycle we are in through our birth chart and the tarot.
It is my guiding principle that you will leave your reading lighter and clearer.
Breathwork & Meditation
As a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, certified in Yoga Nidra and a background in regression work, I lead you into deeper transpersonal states. In these mystical inner landscapes you can use the power of mindfulness to tune in and centre yourself. From this trance state  plant seeds of intention for what you want to see grow in your life.
Reaching numinous states is a direct path to true healing.
Study astrology! If you’ve been fascinated by astrology and want to empower yourself and your relationships and even become an astrologer yourself I offer various levels of astrology classes.
If you want to get into advanced astrology I offer an astrology apprenticeship program. Learn the foundations in an interactive way so you will feel ready to begin reading birth charts and to how to do forecasting through transits and progressions.
Unwind stress, soften blockages and clear the way for the flow of vital healing energy. I offer effective therapeutic modalities to help bring greater wellness in your life. For over two decades I’ve work within a somatic holistic therapeutic model that integrates your mind, body, spirit, and emotions in the healing process.
It’s in times like these we need increased self-care time, energy clearing and therapeutic restorative healing.


Evelyn is such a gem. I've done both bodywork and astrology with her and I can honestly say I never want to work with anyone else. She has a unique way of going deep into your chart and reading it to you with such a personal connection. I've been into astrology my whole life and she explained things in ways I've never heard before that completely blew my mind. I am so thankful for the insight and wisdom she provides.

♓︎ in Costa Rica

“I love love loved everything about my experiences with Evelyn and have recommended her to countless others. Her insight into my chart and those of my children was so eye-opening and delivered with total grace and understanding of the complexity of the human heart, mind, and spirit. I feel like she handed me a compass to better navigate all aspects of my life through the lens of my chart and I cannot wait to dig deeper and work with her again.”


♒︎ in British Colombia

I had an amazing tarot reading with Evelyn. She included my astrology chart to support the reading. The information she brought through was very supportive and specific helping me clear layers of confusion around decisions I needed to make to launch myself in a new exciting direction. Her intuition is HIGHLY accurate often times speaking first what she was feeling then pulling a card that confirmed what she said. She is caring, kind, and very supportive with crazy amazing skills. She really helped me understand my own internal nature and the direction I needed to go in to serve my highest and most joyful life. I have already referred several people to Evelyn who have received equally wonderful results.


♓︎ in California